Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life sometimes doesn't seem fair..but GOD has a reason 4 everything

     I have been blessed in my lifetime with a great family and wonderful children. I even was in the limelight for my 15 min. of fame when I worked in Nashville, but you know... that was a special time in my life. I didn't have any pain or problems with my health. I could do anything and go anywhere.

     Now, you can see the difference in the two pictures. PAIN is all I have and am dealing with it the best that I can. I had to have a surgery done..NOOO, I should've NEVER had the surgery done. THAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER.
      I have been seen and told by several NS(Neurosurgens),NL(Neurologists) and Ortho's..oh yeah and a Rheumatologist. that I didn't need the surgery...it shouldn't have been done and there's NOTHING I can do @ it. It just doesn't seem fair, I know, but as we go through pain and surffering in our life,we grow into something different...a person who knows what you're going through...a person who can relate. Maybe this is my calling to reach out and help those who are in the same boat as I. For I know there are a lot of us suffering...JUST HOLD ON..DON'T GIVE UP
     I just hope you can get something out of what I say...because what I say is all @ what I've experienced..lived and now know. I am not old and wise..but I am growing,evolving into what GOD expects from me.