Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why are my legs vibrating and pulsating? IT feels like I have an electrical current running through my body!! :O

Hello all, I am at my wits end with what I've been going through and need to see, if anyone else has been having these symptoms...and if, they could possibly be from being hit by a nerve block, Lyme or surgery?? 

Trying to figure out, which Doc I need to pay a visit to first. Not waste my time. 
The best way to explain it was that the Doc who did the NB's could have been the one, who caused ALL of this because of the leg involvement after the blocks. 

Being hit by a NERVE BLOCK is called a "Wet Tap". Literally...well, I donno about literally...but REALLY equated to it feeling like I was hit by a bolt of lightening. I jumped, when he struck my nerve...while doing the block. When I jumped on the table, I raised my head and asked him what had happened. He got quit and the only words he uttered were, "FRICTION." Still believe that has a big impact on what is going on with my legs because they NEVER stop pulsating, or vibrating. That can drive a person crazy because it is like RLS x 100. :o 

In my legs, dealing with spasms, cramps, burning and feels like my whole left calf is on fire. Mostly, they feel like they are vibrating or pulsating and sort of a throb. The symptoms are driving me crazy and feel electrical in some way. My legs literally feel like they have some sort of an electrical current going throughout them and up my body and down..back and forth. 

I am already worn out from not sleeping, just dealing with Lyme disease, but it doesn't explain my legs doing these weird things. The only thing that comes to mind is that, when I was hit by a nerve block back in '06, a few months after having the neck surgery on my C5-C6(ACD & F spinal Diskectomy). The surgery was done, but the pain still persisted. That caused me to go get nerve blocks, to deal with the pain. The pain just would never stop and was endless, but was dealing with it the best I could. The only bad symptom was that my arms would cramp and hurt, but after the nerve block...it moved into my legs. 

That nerve block, I believe did something to my nerve that is connected to my legs. 
Lyme in itself, is indicative for causing memory loss & insomnia, but just don't think that is what is causing this. I have been experiencing a fine tremor too that can't be explained either. 

It all started when my Chiro Doc friend sent a letter to the NS that did my surgery, to let him know that there was a screw on top of a nerve and could STILL be the problem. I just wished that I knew, if it is still a problem going on in my neck because my neck has these tight, taught knots that come up and are heck. 

He told me that I had a nerve trapped under a screw in my neck. I had an ACD & F spinal diskectomy back in '06 and my arm would burn then. He told me that if, I didn't get it off of that nerve that I would lose the use of my limbs. :o

But, can't EVEN get the NS to listen, that did my surgery. I took him a letter that my doc, who is a friend wrote, but the NS just handed it back to me...like it didn't mean anything. >:o WHY?? Couldn't he just LOOK at it? He didn't even examine me, he just sent me home without ANY answers to my questions. But, you know MOST NS...they SEEM to THINK, they everything there is to know..without investigating. Sorry, but everyone that I have run across since...to check it out, won't even listen to me. I don't understand. 

I do sleep, but only 4 hours at a time and then I wake up. Most nights, I only will sleep a couple of hours and wake up, for no reason. Have to take strong sleep medication, just to get that amount of sleep or might not ever sleep at all. WILL wake up every hour. What's so strange is that when I wake up...it is not pain that wakes me. I just wake up and don't feel anything different, just awake. It isn't that I have to go to the bathroom or anything. 
My memory.....short term is HORRIBLE and that is an understatement! The house could be on fire and I would forget in a sec or two. :o My head hurts a lot and not only headaches, but head pain. The pain is mostly on my temple area, but it has pain all over and feels awful. 

If, only I could figure out what is causing the problem, but don't trust JUST any Neurosurgeon to touch my back or neck. I've tried to find a good NS or NL and saw one NL for a while, but he didn't have any answers for me...only wanted to give me medication and told me to get plenty of rest. Yeah....I'll do that..not. Don't think that my body is not going to let me do that..it seems. :/ 

I do have a theory to what is causing the leg problem, but wanted to get it out there...to see if there are anyone else out there dealing with the same issue. So many things are wrong with me that I just don't have a clue, to where it is coming from. I do feel that one doc could be the one responsible for it.