Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's just what mom's...and dads do!


      Yes, we women normally go through our days doing what needs to be done...that is if you can get them all done in a day..THIS is what my mom and grandma always said and I know it to be true: "A MAN MAY WORK FROM SUN TO SUN...BUT A WOMANS WORK IS NEVER DONE"...so true. It is all a part of GOD's plan though. Like I said He has a reason 4 everything.
     In what I am discussing or talking @ today is those teenagers...what we gonna do with them. I know it is hard to deal with the things in life..that is what we're here for to come to and talk to and ask @.
      I am sure glad I was raised in a healthy and caring environment. I had good parents...yes, and I was an only child, but non-the-less not too spoiled(well, maybe a little..:). I did learn the meaning of the word..NO and understood it. Although, I was such a kid then(didn't even have a clue at 18)...so yes, I made mistakes...we all did until we learned the difference, on our own. Sometimes it just has to be that way I guess. The good thing @ learning things the hard way is that you NEVER forget those life lessons. I just wished I would have listened more when I was young. I think I was too busy having fun being a kid, but that is what childhood is all @, but we must have some rules.
       My dad always says..and he really is a character,but a good one..."One of these days we are gonna wake up dead"..he really says all kinds of things( you just never know what is gonna come out...lol). He is a good decent Christian man. My mom is generous,caring as well, but not as outspoken as dad( sometimes, I think I take a lot from my dad--0hh). Thank you mom and dad..you done good (I think) and I really still am a kid "at heart" now..I think I always will be.."LORD WILLING".
        I was blessed to have parents that tried to help me in anyway that they could to see things clearer..understand. I am a parent now and I and my hubby will do the same 4 mine and ours. Now,what they get from me or his dad will carry, but what they learn mostly from God will impact their lives forever!!!
       I will lead off to say... "That is just what MOMS and DADS do"....

       My son, Bryan, out of the blue said to me "Mom, you baby me too much"..and I replied, "that is just what we mother's do." IF we didn't care we wouldn't worry where you were or what you were doing. I try so hard, as I know a real loving mother's duty and need is to take care and..yes, unfortunately worry @ their children.
       In these days, times to me seem so much harder than when I was a kid. It seems more difficult and there is so much peer pressure... if it was not already bad enough. At least, we were allowed to play outside after dark with all the other kids...not now.
      He also told me, speaking of peer pressure, that his friends were making fun of him and saying comments like, "your mom won't let you watch movies with SC content". Well, AHH NO.  I try my best to screen everything we watch and usually we see things together. However, I have noticed since he turned 13, he's more to his self. I have notice that he does watch more progams alone and that is fine. I just make sure of what he is watching. Sometimes, I even turn the remote down in my room just to see if I can hear what he's watching. Of course, I do have DVR and can see what is being watched in the other room(soo..that is a plus).
       Now, you wouldn't expect movies like "Bridge to Tarabithia" or "Shrek" to have SC, but they do( under rating of movie will usually say what content is in it). I have to say, that I didn't catch where it was so sexual, but I guess they have to put "SC" just to justify the case of someone bringing up anything..covering their backs hey...yeah. They are GOOD movies, by the way. So, I do not see anything wrong with them myself, but we still have to try and screen what our children see no matter what the rating. I have even seen old black and white movies that I would never think would have it...way back then..sorry...I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. I am old-fashioned and love to bring only goodness in the home and do what is necessary to ensure that my kids understand any and every action that I make and take. So, I do deem it necessary to "put all the cards on the table"..as they say and I don't gamble..used to,but not anymore...that's another story, 4 another time.
      I make sure they also understand the medicine that I have to take for all of the diagnoses and mysteries going on in my body. I am a medical mystery, I think...LOL..but we'll leave that for another discussion. I have hit on it so many times..I think people will get tired of hearing @ it..:)
      So, we can only do the best that we can. They are going to be exposed to things beyond our control sometimes and that is why we take extra precausions to prevent trouble on the horizon. All I can say, is just be there 4 them and encourage time to talk with them. I make sure both my boys know that I am always available to talk 4 anything or any reason. I love both my boys..they are my life. I could tell you some stories, but they will come to me and I will let you in on them..trust me. I just know that I would go to any length to make sure my kids are happy and loved.
      I have to say, and this is the BIGGY..that they must have GOD in their life(preferrably raised in the Church). Bryan, my youngest-13, does make me proud since he was raised up in the Church( Cypert Church of Christ), did take up my singing abilities and has used it to lead the Church in singing. MOM is really proud.

I can also tell that our preacher, Mark Spencer, really has a way in making him feel comfortable and acknowledged (he goes golfing with Bryan @ once or twice a month). You always feel welcomed to our Church..and I will give a shout out to all of them since I have missed sooo much being ill and I thank them 4 their prayers. SOOOO MUCH DO I. I know GOD has answered a lot of them, 4 I am better in some ways and worse in others, but we ALL have our crosses to bear...:))))
      I will say in closing 4 today...to remember to hug and tell your child you LOVE them and make them first. I always am last, but that is the way that it's supposed to be. It is not that I am important...they are. They need to see it, but also feel it. They do watch everything that we do, you know that.
 Next post, get ready..4 I am going to start adding photos of me and all of the cast of Country Music USA...I worked with Chely Wright, Dean Sams of Lonestar and Ken Mellons. Of course, there are a bunch of others I could mention and certainly will...when we meet again..at "LIFE...AND THE THINGS IT BRINGS...

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