Saturday, October 12, 2013


Soo TIRED of this LEG pain!!! IT JUST WON'T STOP!! I can stress it enough..on HOW  bad and painful this is. >:o
What is causing them to feel such an intense deep ache? And, they feel almost raw and tight...like someone has whipped them with bolts of a whip. I can't use them too much either..they constantly stay tensed up. It almost feels like it could be the veins that's on fire. It is like they have been roped up for a week or bound and someone taking my knee cap off. Besides, all of the pain underneath the knee. 
Literally, they feel THAT bad, but here I lay...@ to go out of my mind with this stuff...or so, I think. I am getting head pain on top of it...with pins/needles and numbness and sharp stabbing pains..on my face. Ughhh...so tired of this stuff. I try...each and every day to battle this, but must admit that it is taking it's toll on me. :'( 
Taking my hot bath early tonight...I need relief of ANY kind. 
It is wearing me down guys...just from dealing with all of it...all of the time. IT is just relentless and the cramps are so deep that I can feel them all the way through to inside of my feet. Do you remember how it felt..when, you were a kid...and someone would THUMP your ear? Well, I get that deep THUMP sensation...down the backside of BOTH of my legs and IT is painful. :o 
IT is horrible and I know that there HAS to be an answer to this MISERY!!! I am mentally exhausted from dealing with it. Today...I started itching really bad, on my arms...and after,  I scratched so intently... BOTH arms felt like they were swollen and on fire!!! CRAZY...is what it is and I don't understand WHAT it is going to take to figure it out or what I need to do anymore to make this end!!! 
Sorry for complaining, but guys...I am exhausted by this and at the END of my rope. I need your help to figure this out...because I don't know what to do anymore. Anyone..have any ideas of what this is...or questions? I just need ideas from anyone, who knows what these symptoms are telling me. :P 

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