Thursday, February 5, 2015

Burnt out my adrenals and first, was dx'd with Addison's and thought that it was the answer, but after 5 yrs. of suffering with Lyme was dx'd by Igenex. Bit in '08 found the tick, that had stayed on the back of my hairline, for 3 days. That's why I'm neurotixic, for it was close to my brain. It wasn't found early and didn't have rash, that I could see. All that I can say @ Lyme is that it is H to go through and it takes ALL of you. Still stuck in bed. :o  
My legs still kill me and I'm neurotoxic, where it affects my brain and thought process. The insomnia is horrible and I fight sleep. Yes, I had Lyme rages and a very patient easy-going person, but patiently doing what I can at home, to fight it. No option for treatment, for the cost is too high!! The bone pain, pins & needles are still there and working to figure if it is all of my neck/back damage or the Lyme, that is causing it. ?? I have 4 herniations in a row(T8-T11, with a petrusion on T8-T9 & T3-T4 compressed fracture that seems to be keeping me down. Plus, a C2 scerlotic lesion and my muscles around each side of my neck that stayed tensed up-tight!!) Wondering if surgery would help, but not sure if it is that or the Lyme doing it. 
By using essential oils, they have truly tremendously helped me. They've really sustained me and improved my life. I know, that I would still be in agony...if, it hadn't of been for them and the 6 Turmeric pills, I take everyday. It fights the inflammation and does work!!! I don't know what else to do, but wondering if it will EVER really go away. ? I pray to get rid of the LEG & BONE pain that I deal with. It is hell. The only word for it, but I'm a fighter and still here. Praying that it doesn't get any worse and that I'll find a way to get it in remission, but there is no guarantee it won't go haywire. 
Now, I find that it gets into your teeth and reeks havoc, but working on that. My dentist, even has Lyme and we're trying to figure that one out. There's a solution, we must find it.  
Lyme is an endless battle, that we must fight everyday...but, we can't give up.  

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