Monday, March 14, 2011

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This is a picture of most of us in The cast of Country Music USA(Dean Sams of "Lonestar" and Ken Mellons, in which has a new bluegrass album coming out), when I(the one in the bright yellow shirt) worked in Opryland( I wanted to say that we lost a member of our group, Don Hayes RIP and we are going to miss u. He did our Willy Nelson and was the best.
When I worked there...It was a wonderful, MAGICAL time in my life...when I could do anything I wanted and I was so healthy.."You never know what you got until it is gone".
What happened down that road. What did someone do to me? That question goes out to the wonderful..not..Doctor who did my surgery and left big HOLES in my neck(no telling what else he done to me..he might have left something behind or in there) or it uld be to the wonderful Doctor who hit me with a needle in my spine from an MRI...hmmm. I wonder which one it is..IT feels like it it BOTH...really, I do because it doesn't make sense why I am bedridden and can't stand hardly or walk. My arms can't hold anything and my PAIN level goes from 5-10..and sometimes that 10 feels like a 20..

Do you know what the bad thing @ it is...NO ONE can look at you and say you have this or y0u have that..THEY have to test it. Yeah, I probably look okay, but that doesn't mean I am not in PAIN.. just look at this pic and you can see I am miserable and HATE IT..
You can tell I am miserable and that is everyday 4 me(my son took this pic of me at a wonderful moment and you can even see that great Fentanyl Patch that I have to wear for pain). There has got to be a way that I can get "back on my feet again" and not have to take meds at ALL. As much as I want to go fishing with my boys this Spring, my right arm is of no use to me much..except for typing..THANK GOD..or I would probably lose my mind just laying here.

When you click on the link below it will take you straight to MedHelp. It will take you to a comment page, but click on my profile and you can read if you like, but then you MUST click on my Watchlist...soooo many posts asking for help..Yeah, I am not well, but I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!!

MedHelp - Medical Information, Forums and Communities
I love this MedHelp site and in anyway I can get others aware of the kind and caring people that are there, that would help you with anything. When the site comes up, remember it will be my sent message page or comment page, but click on my profile and DEFINATELY go to my watch list. There you will find ALL of the questions I have posted(probably a hundred or more) that can give u a lot of insight on what in the world is going on with me and it will connect you so many resources on finding answers.
As you know, I have been suffering with this syndrome,disease or failed fusion( seems to me NO ONE knows :o).
I know there is something besides the list of things that they say are wrong with me. I just want to get well. Isn't that what DOCTORS are for.I am beginning to wonder if they care enough to try and get me well.
I pray that who is having problems like I am will follow the links that I have provided on my site to help u in any way possible. I PRAY 4 ANYONE THAT HAS TO SUFFER THIS KIND OF PAIN...NO ONE SHOULD!!!!
I have the last MRI's coming.."Lord Willing", they do. It *(being sent from my last NL that said what I had was out of his area of expertise) and I hope when I get to the Vascular Neurosurgen that he will find THE answer 4 me..4 it seems to me that the Doctor's community is only interested in filling their pockets, NOT finding what is wrong with a person these days..and THAT my dear is sooooo sad..:((((
GOD BLESS 2 all of u that are suffering and shouldn't...always.. Karen /div>

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