Sunday, June 5, 2011


     I am writing you because I have so many symptoms and never know what is coming the next day. This, will be challenge, I think it could help,so here it goes.I will make it short and brief as I can.
     It all started when my neck was bothering me back in '03 and I was working 60+ hrs a week. I couldn't find a place to rest my head and night eventually making me have to quit my job. I then went to a Chiro, from where I was living at the time,MS. His diagnosis was, that I had no curve in my neck,I had a tumor in my right shoulder, and that my shoulders were all messed (his words). RIght now, I am having pain in my right shoulder,but it switches shoulders,and has developed indentations of some sort of the muscle and the pain is miserable. Back then, I only had the muscle pain in my right right arm muscle and my NS even said it was my C5. I didn't think @ it then, but he was the one who had just done surgery on me, only a couple of months earlier on my C5-C6. How could it be my C5, if he supposedly fixed it? Right?
     I have to state this because this is what my husband thinks has happened to me and he even agrees that it could be both(my neck surgery and that I was hit in my nerve fibers or something in my back during an ESI ).I had to get nerve blocks because the pain was beginning to get, just too unbearable.The first two did help me for a short time and I had some movement,but the third one..the doctor hit something, while performing the precedure. I jumped on the table like a lightening bolt had struck me.I raised my head from the hole to ask the doctor..what happened?He aswered with "Friction"in a studdering voice.He told me to sit up real fast then got in my face and asked me,"Are your ears ringing, do you have heavy breathing"? I told him that my hands and the soles of my feet were numb and still are today, besides all of the other things that I am dealing with, in my body.I even started feeling stabbing pain,ice-pick headaches,sore spots all over and my head has sore spots that I can't even touch my hair.I have got to get some answers somewhere and i know they are somewhere. 
     It has moved to every part of my body,so after seeing the Chiro, I went in to see a NS that was highly recommended by an anthesis,in the family. I was told by a NS that I had a ruptured petrusion and I needed a C5-C6 spinal diskectomy '06, in which I had, but they went in on my left side of my neck, instead of right,to bypass some nerves( went to see that NS 9 out of 11 months, in the same year..nothing).
     What this ALL has come to is pain in every part of my body, but my head seems to always be involved. My head feels like something is in it or something is causing it to feel swelled, NUMB. I have whole numbness in the left side of my body. This makes the third time,this has happened and the doctors(NL and NS) can 't find anything. It is a horrible feeling for that to happen. MY face, in my left cheek(face) felt like I had been give a shot of NOVACANE,by a dentist.I really thought, I was having a stroke or heart attack,since my BP has been going crazy here lately.MY resting number is high,and always over 85.My systolic is usually perfectly normal,but the LOW number of diastolic is sporatic.Sometimes,it is really high,104 and when it does that my HR is like 108. IT is scary, but that might be a symptom of me titrating down from my Fentanyl Patch. I was on 75mcg and it has been 14 days(did have some W/D's)and they weren't fun at all,but hoping that it is over 4 now and not changing yet to 25mcg.,until I get levelized from that.
     This is WHY I AM WRITING YOU.I have been having some awkward things happening to me,that IT is utter H sometimes.The symptoms that most stand out are: burning in the extremities,pinching feelings also on the extremities and in my chest 2. My muscles always ACHE and sometimes the RLS is more like WBS(Whole BODY Syndrome).The veins feel like they burn,go from point A to point B like it runs through the vein.It feels as if my body is attacking itself. I am weak and shaky as I type this and had to stop and start many times.
     I had a lump come up on the inside of my wrist(left),that I thought was a bloodclot,but my PCP, told me it was a ganglion cyst, but it seem to have grown up onto the top of my hand, after I got home.I haven't seen him since to tell him @ it.I am just praying for it to go away.Right now, it is aching so bad on the top of the hand and through it,that I had to rub biofreeze all over it just to get some relief.
     The weakness is really creepy because it is like my brain is not sending the correct signal sometimes because I can't get the letters correctly spelled.I hurt everywhere. My shoulders have this digging pain that goes deep into it. So many symptoms there is no way to list. I never ever know what is coming my way next.I just PRAY. 
The VA *(VENOUS ANGIOMA) in the back of my head is VERY visible. They say that those things are called something with the word "MEDUSA" in it. JUST GREAT, I have a snake-like creature in my HEAD.  If you LOOK very carefully, you can see the head of Medusa, right at the back of my head.   0_o   SEE the squiggle at the back of my head right above that big hump.YOU WANT TO SAY CREEPY ^_o
This has so far...been a very LONG journey...TOOO NO-wheresville. All I have got, is a bunch of long words and medication, that the docs seems to want to fill you up with to make you think a little while @ that. I guess they want to numb you to where you can't move or something.Maybe, I am wrong,but I know the misery that I go through IS SOMETHING. Maybe there can be some people like that, BUT NOT ME. I like to be the same today as I was yesterday.I like to KNOW what I am doing and not feel so bad trying NOT to FEEL the PAIN. MY SON, is in the living room and what I wouldn't give to go enjoy that BASKETBALL GAME with LEWESKI in IT. IT doesn't seem fair, but LIFE isn't fair, but IT is our SPIRIT that keeps us going and that SPIRIT is from GOD. I feel blessed just to be alive. I may NOT BE WELL, BUT I AM BLESSED just to know Him. REALLY KNOW HIM. I PRAY everyday that this will be OVER. Maybe soon, when it is time for me..I will either be well or be in Heaven.
 I just feel like the DOCS have let me down. I know, in my heart...THAT SOMETHING is WRONG and WHY can't THEY FIND IT. So, I say..whenever or whatever IT TAKES...I will FIGHT 4 IT. I AM STILL HERE LORD and ...I, THANK YOU and PLEASE 4GIVE ME, if I said anything wrong...<3 :)))))
 I had an episode last week that made me feel like I was having a heart attack.The whole left side of my body was NUMB. MY face that felt like novacane had been shot into it was completely numb,that felt like it was moving over to the right. My right hand was numb.
What in the world am I going to do now?I have been to so many NL,that I can see that I am getting no where,but who do I see?A cardiologist,an Oncologist,I don't know.Please help. I hope I dont' wind up having an aneurysm because of a Venous Angioma that has turned into a Caverness Malformation or something.I do know something is seriously wrong here and that no one can or seems to be able to find it. Thank you so much, for any information that you could give me on this matter.
Christian Love 2 ALL:))) <3 Karen

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